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Eggshelland 2011
Lyndhurst, Ohio
  Bunny Happy Easter     Eggs

Up, Up, & Away!
  April 17 thru April 25, 2011
3 Hot Air Balloons, House with Balloons and Four Characters

happy easter
Eggshelland 2011, Up, Up and Away 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Up Balloons

By Lynn Ischay, The Plain Dealer 

The Waring triplets from Brecksville absorb the colors and shapes of thousands of eggshells at Eggshelland at 1031 Linden Lane in Lyndhurst.

Up Characters

Eggshelland in Lyndhurst ready for viewers April 17; movie on Eggshelland theme to be shown

Published: Friday, April 15, 2011, 9:01 AM

Ron and Betty
There is still much work to do in getting the lawn ready for Easter, but Ron and Betty Manolio
vow their Linden Lane home will become Eggshelland by April 17. There will be 40,000 eggshells
in varying colors decorating the landscape when the display is complete. 

Filmmaker Christopher Noice was taken by a friend in 2003 to see Eggshelland, the internationally-known Lyndhurst Easter display. ...

Noice said he not only shot what would become an 87-minute documentary that since 2009 has been shown at film festivals everywhere from Orlando, Fla., to Utah, and parts in between, but he made new friends.

A refreshing couple

Ron and Betty Manolio are the couple who have decorated their front lawn nearly every year at Easter since 1957.

They are refreshing, Noice said of the Manolios. They do this with such a genuine love of it, and of their community. They are such nice people, and that was a great help to me in making this movie.

We had never met before, and they took me right in and helped me, said Noice, whose day job has been making training and public relations films for the state of California since moving to that state in 2005. ...

How it is done

Betty draws up plans for each display, with a theme. The theme for this years 53rd edition is based on Up, Up and Away, a Disney Channel original movie that debuted in 2000.

The display will feature characters from the movie and balloons, all made up of real, not plastic, egg shells.

Today, the Manolios use outdoor enamel paint to color the eggs to be used. Using Bettys plans, the couples grown children return to their parents home to place the eggs on the small sticks, or pegs, that hold them in the shape of characters and designs.

Those children include Mark, of Twinsburg; Marybeth Pannitto, of Sagamore Hills; Matthew, of Chester; and Melissa Harvey, of Northfield. In addition, daughter Mona Bolander returns from her Pittsburgh home just before Easter to help finish the job. The Manolios also get help from their 10 grandchildren.

Known throughout the world

The displays renown has grown to include coverage by local TV stations, national networks, newswire services and newspapers.

In 2000, the Manolios were flown to New York City to be guests on The Montel Williams Show to talk about their display. To commemorate the event, they depicted on their lawn that year Williams head in eggshells.

He was very excited to be an egghead, Betty said. ...

With all that coverage, the idea of a movie about Eggshelland may not have come as too much of a shock to the Manolios. Noices movie, Eggshelland debuted locally in 2009 at the Cedar Lee Theatre in Cleveland Heights.

Betty said it is a surprise at how much attention Eggshelland has received.

The couple enjoys the hoopla that goes on around their house each spring, setting up a table by their garage so Ron, a former Channel 3 cameraman who worked on the old Mike Douglas Show, can show visitors his classic antique cars and photos of past Eggshelland designs.

The Manolios say the tradition will go when they go.

When we are gone, the kids are not going to keep doing it, said Betty, 77. They do not have the time. They enjoy it, but they have too much going on in their own lives.

Egg Crates

Gathering eggs

In order to continue adding to their egg collection, the Manolios have worked out a deal with the Sidewalk Caf in Euclid. The Manolios remove the insides from the eggs, which are then used by the restaurant, and are permitted to take home the shells. They usually start performing this task, which takes a couple of months, sometime after Thanksgiving.

Their homes basement is filled with boxes of eggs stored by their colors. As Easter approaches, boxes of eggs can be found in the homes vestibule, along with pegs for planting the eggs, and other tools that are used to make up the display.

When asked what he gets out of keeping up the tradition, Ron, 80, said, Just meeting the people. Making people happy. For the enjoyment, but not for me.

The Up, Up & Away display, the Manolios 53rd, is expected to be ready April 17. It will contain about 40,000 shells in 24 colors.

The award-winning documentary Eggshelland will be shown at 7 p.m. from April 22-28 at The Chagrin Cinemas, 8200 Washington St. in Chagrin Falls. Call (440) 543-5775. The documentary interweaves bits of Clevelands television past with the story of Eggshelland, including footage of former local personalities Barnaby, Woodrow the Woodsman, Mr. Jingeling and others.

The Eggshelland DVD, at $19.95, is 99 minutes long and features 20 minutes of bonus content. It is available at

Eggshelland 2010

 Up, Up, & Away_
Easter, April 24, 2011
40,180 Real Eggshells
   Eggshelland is a unique Easter Display, presented by Ron and Betty Manolio of Lyndhurst,
Ohio.  This will be our 53rd year. The entire front yard is transformed into different eggshell
mosaic designs each year, always including a 50ft. Cross and our mascot, the Easter Bunny.
     The display has grown from 750 shells in 1957.  We use 24 brilliant colors of 1Shot, Outdoor
Sign Paint enamel to paint the shells. As far as we know,  it is the only display of it's kind in the
world. The idea came from Ron's Mother, who placed dyed eggshells on bushes in front of her home.
     This is a family project.  We used to save our shells. We now get our eggshells from the
Sidewalk Cafe, who use fresh eggs.  Without them the display would not continue, as other
restaurants use liquid eggs.  Ron makes a hole the size of a dime in the egg  and Betty shakes out
the contents.  The shells are then washed and the edges of the hole trimmed.  After painting, the
shells are stored by color in  boxes, with 250 in each box.  They are used over and over again each year, and
repainted, if necessary, in the proper colors.
     Our average handling breakage is 1500 shells.  We have had six natural disasters.  In 1998,  and
2009,  hail storms destroyed 18,000 shells. In 2002, an ice storm on 6 inches of snow
broke 11,941,  in 2005, 6 inches of  snow smashed  5,633 shells, and in 2007 16 inches of
snow on Easter morning broke 14,176. In 2008, for the first time, we were not able to put pegs in
the lawn, because the ground was frozen.  Our Display consisted of 6,223 eggshells, using the
five figures we have on Styrofoam, usually standing in the background.
     The theme this year is Up, Up, & Away The display includes; Four Characters, with 6,927 shells,
  House With Balloons,  with 9,160 shells, and 3 Hot Air Balloons, with 6,038 shells.
     We always receive excellent local coverage, and in 2000,  we appeared on the Montel Williams
Show, and were also featured on Extreme Cuisine, and the Agri-Country Network.  We have  been
featured on "Ripley's Believe it or Not," and a photo was sent out by Associated Press that
reached as far as the front page of an English language newspaper in Japan.  We were on
the "Today Show" Easter morning 2006, and CNN in 2007.  A documentary on Eggshelland, which has
taken 4 years to complete, which was shown at the Cedar-Lee Theater,  and is now available on
DVD.  The display is lit at night, and will be up from April 17  thru April 25th.    Happy Easter!

Ron and Betty Manolio                                                            NEW EGGSHELLS
1031 Linden Lane                                                                                  Courtesy of
Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124                                            Sidewalk Cafe - Painesville
(440) 442-6061                                                                  Sidewalk Cafe - Euclid
Creative Eggshell Displays  - Lectures                                        Nick J. Sarris
Directions: From intersection of Richmond Road and Ridgebury - make three left turns on Roland, Ashwood and Linden Lane.

For more information about the film "Eggshelland" the Movie -
Love, family and eggs.  A documentary looks at an Easter tradition and the family behind it.
Every January, after the holiday presents have been opened and the Christmas tree’s been taken down, Ron and Betty Manolio start thinking about eggs. Lots of eggs — thousands of them. ...

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“Eggshelland” the Movie is the story of Ron and Betty Manolio, and their unique 52-year family tradition - an inspiring, colorful, quirky and poignant display of art and obsession. Celebrating Easter and Spring in their own unique way every year, the Manolios have brought joy to generations of Midwesterners waking from a long, gray winter. But “Eggshelland” is more than a suburban lawn display. It's a beautiful, funny, strange and emotional story of the many lives that have been touched, the never-ending joy of childhood in the Spring, and the resounding contentment of a life well lived.

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Eggshelland 2011
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